Back into the swing of things

Hi, readers! All four of you! I’m kidding. It’s probably more like seven. Maybe.

As the half-dozen-at-best of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted or tweeted since early July. That’s because I moved. And we’re not talking across town. I packed a vast majority of my stuff, then located in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., into my Outback and schlepped it to Boise, Idaho. Myself and my mother included.

I moved from DC to Idaho (yes.) because my significant other got a job in Boise max-gail-marie-cole(yes, again.). I have my same 9-to-5 job but now work remotely, which has been an interesting challenge in and of itself. I’m also living with the SO again after nearly 10 months long distance. And, we now have a dog. Who’s adorable.

I had planned to develop a couple of posts for later in the month of July… LOL. That didn’t happen due to the unpacking/organizing/re-organizing/arguments about my decisions re: organization/eight trips to Wal-Mart per week/multiple visits to Petco/a whole lot of exercising to burn off my stress-eating of this past spring.

Also, with this new work situation–the same job that I’ve had for over two years, but completely, totally at home–is something I never expected myself to be doing, and I’m still figuring out what exactly this all means.

I dove back into blogging relatively recently so that I could develop a resource to other folks early in their careers on all things career, from the perspective of a gal still trying to figure it out but who’s had some successes and (at time spectacular) failures along the way.

Now that I’m doing the remote-work thing, this theme feels a little contrived.

So I did that thing where you create artificial barriers (i.e. trips to Petco) to keep yourself from accomplishing something that appears to be intimidating (i.e. writing in this new life of mine).

Consider this post, then, a ripped-off Band Aid that is forcing me to get back into the swing of things that is writing.

While content that helps you be your best self in your work-life is important, I know that a few other ideas will pop up on my radar as I continue to establish myself in this new life of mine: engaging in your creativity, managing side work, maximizing your time, “self care,” etc. are some thoughts. More to come on all of that.

Please comment or hit me up on Twitter if you have some thoughts, questions, suggestions, insight, etc.

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