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A day in the life of a permanently remote worker

I consider myself very, very lucky to work from home: I’m a permanent teleworker, part of a growing population of the workforce. Up to 37 percent of workers in the U.S. have worked from home at some point in a given month. Considering teleworking? Curious? Here’s a few components of telework life – actual work-related content removed.





Alarm clock and snoozing.


Smart podcasts.

Wedding planning podcasts.

Intense focus.

Tea. Then more coffee.

Breakfast timed perfectly to limit snacking.

An early lunch to limit snacking.

Snacking on fruit to limit mindless carbs.

Mindless carb snacking.

Frustrations over technology.

Praise of technology.

Meeting prep.

Telecons that I don’t participate in.

Telecons that I do participate in.

Telecons that I lead.

Phone calls.

Instant messages.


Deleted emails.

Unanswered emails.

Intense focus.

Cat harassing.

Dog petting.

Animal feeding.

Dog walking.

Staring out the window.

Staring at my computer.

Googling of celebrities that come to mind/are mentioned on NPR.


Calf raises.

Cuticle picking.

More carbs (how old are these potato chips? They taste fine, I guess).

Intense focus.

A sense of complete loss.

Being out of the loop.

Being persistent.

Being obnoxious.

More emails.

Logging off for the day.

Logging back in to check emails.


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