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An alternative to comparing yourself to others

One of the most potentially destructive things a person can do is to compare themselves with others. I say “potentially” because the act of considering the successes, failures and milestones of others to our own experience can provide us insight into what’s important in our own lives. For example (as these things have been on… Continue reading An alternative to comparing yourself to others

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2016 in review

Goal setting. Personal growth. Professional development. I don’t know about you, but all of my social media feeds are full of how-to’s on how to better yourself for the new year. Before hitting 2017 hard, why not take stock of all the great things that happened in your life - personally and professionally - in… Continue reading 2016 in review

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LinkedIn 101

So, you want to create a LinkedIn profile. Good for you. The professional social networking community can be a tremendous tool not just for finding a job but for building and maintaining a network. LinkedIn is also emerging as a source for knowledge in your industry - the company’s pushing its publishing platform, Post, heavily.… Continue reading LinkedIn 101

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Blessings in disguise: All the jobs you didn’t get

There's a good chance that after a valiant job search ends with success (meaning… you got a job), you may not spend too much time reflecting on those opportunities that didn't work out. That momentary pain that comes with reading an email (personal or automated) informing you that others met the organization's needs at this… Continue reading Blessings in disguise: All the jobs you didn’t get

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How choice influences results

I began to draft this post while riding in a jerky, crowded Metro car, on my way home from my 9-5 office job that involved just the right combination of surprises, uncharted territory and typical bullshit to really drain me. My pantyhose felt too tight. I scowled at the thought of having to wear pantyhose… Continue reading How choice influences results

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Our jobs = our identities? It’s your call.

One of the downsides of working as a journalist was that my job title came to define my sense of self. I worked long hours for an  embarrassingly low hourly wage (which I've detailed elsewhere) with minimal guidance from leadership at a truly awful company with others who were equally if not more burned out.… Continue reading Our jobs = our identities? It’s your call.

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Mistakes I made at work–and how I learned from them

Fast Company has a tremendous amount of great insight on careers and professionalism. Because I’m a sucker for any advice with the phrase "under 30" in the headline, this piece--10 Career Lessons You Should Learn By Your 30s--is a real winner in my book. The entire piece is worth a read, but the list includes… Continue reading Mistakes I made at work–and how I learned from them

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Work Journals: Why and How

When’s the last time you wrote in a journal? Middle school? During a college-level writing course? Ever? Before I started what I’m calling a work journal, I wasn’t a consistent journal writer: I’d find myself unable to make it a habit and thus procrastinate. Writing, somehow and someway every day has tremendous benefits  for both… Continue reading Work Journals: Why and How