How to make your next big decision

As I’ve been settling into my new life on a new coast and (another!) new job--I’m not yet one year in to either of these transitions--I tend to think a lot about the future transitions that I’ve yet to make. These transitions--career based, location based, personal life related--result from decisions. What choices I’ll have along… Continue reading How to make your next big decision


What are you going to do for your team today?

It's pretty easy to sometimes get run down, annoyed, disappointed, or just tired of your job after a less-than-ideal day. (Worse yet, when you realize on your commute home that sometime between your walk in and tie walk out of the office,you lost your--albeit dirt-cheap--earbuds and now have no way to listen to music on… Continue reading What are you going to do for your team today?

Career, Professional Development

Work Journals: Why and How

When’s the last time you wrote in a journal? Middle school? During a college-level writing course? Ever? Before I started what I’m calling a work journal, I wasn’t a consistent journal writer: I’d find myself unable to make it a habit and thus procrastinate. Writing, somehow and someway every day has tremendous benefits  for both… Continue reading Work Journals: Why and How