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You’ve probably got a lot going on–and that’s OK

I drafted this post on the plane while heading home after a trip to visit family, during which I worked my 9-to-5, deliberated on and put in an offer on a house (!?!?!), did some other employment-related tidying up (interpret that as you will)… and spent time with a variety of family. Thing were a… Continue reading You’ve probably got a lot going on–and that’s OK

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How do you learn to trust yourself?

The inspiration for this post comes from Dear Sugar podcast episode “How do I find the courage to be my own guide?” and, perhaps more indirectly, from Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. This topic is relevant to so many areas of… Continue reading How do you learn to trust yourself?


All the things I’ve wanted to be

Digging around in old files, I came across an assignment from an undergraduate nonfiction writing class. A lot of the stuff I produced in creative writing classes from age 20-through-24 (basically, all the creative writing classes I ever took) was, uh, not that great, but that's OK - lots of first drafts. This assignment stuck… Continue reading All the things I’ve wanted to be

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How choice influences results

I began to draft this post while riding in a jerky, crowded Metro car, on my way home from my 9-5 office job that involved just the right combination of surprises, uncharted territory and typical bullshit to really drain me. My pantyhose felt too tight. I scowled at the thought of having to wear pantyhose… Continue reading How choice influences results