Prioritize exercise, prioritize yourself

For the past couple of weeks--months?--I’ve batted at random crap flying at me. Appointments, project deadlines for personal and work-related projects, general stress bombs that have exploded (not to mention the latent stress bombs that could explode at any freaking moment). I’m all for healthy tension but there’s been a little too much of it… Continue reading Prioritize exercise, prioritize yourself

cupcakes with candles

7 Unfortunate Truths about Turning 30

After a decade filled with moments best framed as “learning experiences,” the big three-oh may feel a bit overwhelming. Even if you’ve finally landed in a bona fide career and be sophisticated enough to know not to order the cheapest glass of wine on the menu (the second cheapest, thanksverymuch), some areas of your life… Continue reading 7 Unfortunate Truths about Turning 30


Resolving to continue to do well next year

The end of the year--the darkest days--feels like a time when we’re supposed to feel bad about ourselves. Lose weight, eat better, find a new job. Pack away those Christmas lights, too, while you’re at it. New year, new you. Because whatever you’re currently doing isn’t working, you flawed human. But here’s a thought: What… Continue reading Resolving to continue to do well next year